Do you ever notice how some months or years are fast paced and others move more slowly.

Michael Jackson is a good example of someone who is being affected by his current Personal Year Number. Last year, Jackson had a slew of problems, including major health issues.

It was an important year for him. He's born on the 29th, and 2008 was a 29/11 cycle. Not only was his blueprint activated, he was confronted with the Truth of his situation – financially and health-wise. He sold his Neverland Ranch and spent most of his time living in Bahrain.

So what does he have going for him THIS year.

A lot. Michael Jackson is experiencing a very different 30/3 cycle in 2009. 3 is the number of self-expression – creativity, uplifting others and performing.

When Jackson released ‘Thriller' in 1982 – the bestselling album of all time – he was also in a 3 Personal Year. That is definitely no coincidence. Interestingly, the Destiny Number for ‘Thriller' happens to be 3 as well.

So why is the announcement of his comeback coming this month.

Because March is a 33/6 Personal Month for the reclusive star. Michael's Life Purpose and Soul Numbers are both 6 – so this month in particular is a strong one for him. Also number 6 covers abundance, home, family and health.

Speaking of which, I just heard that actor/comedian Robin Williams was admitted to a Miami hospital and has cancelled all his Florida engagements.

Robin Williams is in a 21/3 Personal Year right now. For him the number 3 is particularly significant.


Williams was born on the 21st. He ALSO has a 3 Destiny Number. AND his name ‘Robin Williams' adds up to 30/3. So three of his four most important blueprint numbers are being activated all at once this year.

I often get asked how the number of your current age fits into the equation. It does have an effect. For example, Robin Williams is 57 years old – 57 reduces to 12/3.

Bigger yearly cycles can be broken down into 12 mini Personal Month cycles.

Just like for Michael Jackson, March is a 6 Personal Month for Robin Williams. Here's a tip – if you are overextending yourself when you enter a 6 cycle, you will be asked to slow down.

Two reasons. 6 symbolizes your personal and physical home – both your body and the place you live. Plus there is a parental symbolism with the 6 indicating you are there for others, but may be neglecting your own needs.

So Williams is being prompted to get some R&R.

What's fascinating to note is that Robin Williams and Michael Jackson, both riveting performers on stage, are taking advantage of their Personal Year 3 cycles in 2009.

Knowing what to expect from your upcoming cycles is a huge advantage. For example, if you know you're in a slower 34/7 Personal Month, my suggestion is to spend that time planning your future and gaining more knowledge.

Once you enter the next month, an 8 cycle, you can more easily launch a new business venture and Act, since results will come much more easily.

Use numerology as your personal forecasting tool. Stay a step ahead of your future.

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Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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