On Monday I mentioned the movie 21. I explained that the number 21 symbolizes victory after a long struggle.

Then I received this response.

“Interesting about the movie '21.'  The guy the story is based on spoke at a conference I attended about 6 years ago.  At that time the screenplay and actors, including Kevin Spacey, had already been selected for the movie.  It did, indeed, succeed after 6 long years of trying to get the movie made.”

All the best,
Christine B.

Wow. That is amazing. Yet again we see how much a title, this time an actual number, affects the result.

Speaking of Kevin Spacey who starred in '21', he has a very complicated blueprint. His numbers show me a person who is very private, really independent, doesn't like taking orders and wants to be a master at his craft.

Again, there's a fascinating numbers' story here.

Spacey won his Oscar for ‘American Beauty' in 2000 – a 17/8 Personal Year for him.

17/8 signifies success, abundance and is referred to as the ‘Immortality Number'. So that's the role he'll most likely be remembered for.

There's another reason this cycle was important for Spacey. His 17/8 Personal Year in 2000 activated his 26/8 Day of Birth. It was a perfect year to win that Best Actor Academy Award.

2009 should be another big year for Kevin. He'll be in a 26/8 Personal Year directly reflecting his Day of Birth. This time however, he's likely going to experience more fateful events than in 2000. This is especially true because his current name adds up to 40/4.

Kevin Spacey's name number certainly describes this actor, who can seem like an enigma.

40/4 is a number describing someone who can make thoughtful deductions, has retrospection and a kind of mental superiority over others. This explains why Spacey is very self-contained and self-sufficient, which can isolate him from others. He's certainly very private. Quite often, this number shows that a genius quality is present.

Another classic movie with a numbered title – one of the most famous movies ever made – was '10' starring Bo Derek, Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews.

10 symbolizes is Instant Manifestation and is a powerful number. Imagine an event, and it will be. Any name resonating to 10 implies your creative ideas, good or bad, will materialize. So a movie with that title has a great chance of success. '10' was a huge box office hit in 1979 and made superstars of Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.

So whatever happened to Bo Derek. Not too much.

Bo Derek has a name that adds up to the difficult number 18. Her career never took off after the movie '10'. In fact she has the honor of winning three Golden Raspberry Worst Actress Awards for ‘Tarzan, the Ape Man', ‘Bolero' and ‘Ghosts Can't Do It'. Then in 2000 she was voted as the ‘Worst Actress of the Century'.

I can tell you her 18 name did not help matters. An 18 current name symbolizes materialism wanting to destroy the spiritual side of nature. It often results in deception from both friends and enemies.

Of course, nobody wants these unnecessary obstacles. And the easiest way around them is to make sure you have a fortunate name.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

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