Happy beginning of Spring. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Partly because I was born right in the middle of Spring.

So I was even happier this morning when I came across an uplifting story about a company promising two months of free rent to tenants who have lost their jobs.

The innovative offer is called the ‘Layoff Proof Lease.'

It's a smart move and has already given Goldberg Cos. a lot of good press. Especially since they won't require tenants to repay the missed rent once they find a job.

Lending out a helping hand during challenging times benefits both Goldberg Cos. and their tenants. Helping to reduce stress and boosting loyalty at the same time is a win-win situation.

And this company's numerology is in their favor. The name ‘Goldberg Cos.' in addition to their launch date pretty much guarantee they will fill up all their vacant apartments.

Notice that this company's official name is NOT spelled ‘Goldberg Companies.'

That's a good thing. ‘Goldberg Companies' adds up to 30/3. This is a neutral vibration – not a big wealth attractor. A 30 current name indicates going it alone. I wouldn't recommend a solitary name number to any business.

Fortunately this company names itself ‘Goldberg Cos.' Very good move.

‘Goldberg Cos.' resonates to 15/6 – a fantastic number. 6 represents family, home and wealth. What more would you want for a company that leases apartments. Additionally, number 15 blesses them with the gift to bring happiness to others.

They also chose a great day to launch their program – tomorrow.

March 21, 2009 is a 17/8 Universal Day. The 8 guarantees Goldberg Cos. will be attracting mon'ey.  And the 17 insures they'll leave behind a legacy for other companies to follow.

Do you see how their highly fortunate name helped to trigger fortunate events.

Firstly, Goldberg Cos. received a lot of press preceding tomorrow's launch. Secondly, the date of their launch is highly fortunate. So I know their innovative program will be highly successful. Plus the date means they will leave a legacy, as the program will be copied by others.

Just like Goldberg Cos. you and your family can benefit immensely by using one fortunate name – exclusively, across the board.

It doesn't matter if the name belongs to a business, a country, a product or a person – it will always add up to a number that is either challenging, neutral or fortunate. A fortunate name hands you the greatest potential for success and happiness.

That's because, every time you sign your name, see it written, hear it pronounced or say your name, you are ACTIVATING your name's vibration.

So let the powerful vibration of your name do wonders for you.

Make sure your current name is attracting fortunate events now.

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S.  If you are planning to travel, sign documents, go in for a medical procedure or celebrate an important event, then make sure you know ‘Your Most Fortunate Date'.

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