donaldtrumpLast night here in the U.S. we had the third GOP debate.

Though I didn’t watch it, the occasion prompted me to look at Donald Trump’s astro-numerology birth code – and his future.

His rise in the last few months is unique in American politics.

So I wondered, what does Trump's astro-numerology birth and forecast code reveal?

Has his time come?

And what about his current name? Is it fortunate?

First to Trump’s use of language, which sets him apart.

It’s not only the actual words he uses, but the diction and syntax.

Trump loves short sentences that pack an emotional punch. Often his sentences are no longer than 15 syllables!

He uses specific examples – or is deliberately vague. But what he does not do is use abstract language.

He speaks as if he’s in a conversation with you.

With so many politicians vying for the top spot in the Republican race, it’s the delivery that matters more than anything for a large portion of the electorate.

We can see in history that delivery trumps significance (no pun intended!).

Donald Trump aligns EMOTIONALLY with what his target audience cares about. He gets that it’s not the actual words that matter so much as the underlying message conveyed in the delivery and syntax of his words.

It’s what people HEAR.

Think about it. Often he doesn’t even make any SENSE!

When Trump says, “I’m good at the military”

or he proclaims,

“I’ll make them pay”,

…he’s not providing rich content in any way. But he IS providing rich emotional language.

(The Moon in his astrology birth chart reveals a lot more about this expansive emotional nature… More on that in a moment.)

“I run the best hotels and golf courses in the world, I'm a billionaire so I'll be one of the best Presidents ever – you'll see”.

Trump makes two two presumptions – that he’ll be president, and because he’s wealthy and powerful, that you believe in HIM.

He proclaims, like a cheerleader would, “I’ll be great”, I’ll be the best”, “It’ll be fantastic, you’ll see!!”

After last night’s debate Trump was interviewed (and I did hear this part) – when he said word for word:

“EVERY online poll said I won, I did great, I won by 70%.”

Vintage Trump! Why would he say otherwise?!

Trump’s belief in his own powers is conveyed with 100% conviction – and that itself makes him very magnetic and believable… it creates a vote of confidence in HIMnot necessarily his words.

He knows that the electorate is investing in a person, in a dream – not necessarily what the person is selling.

So Trump is being purposely vague.

“When I'm elected, I'll reveal specifics.”

He figures, people will TRUST him. He knows how to reach his tribe beyond the abstract mind.

Trump wants to entertain, not necessarily educate.

And it’s not to say he doesn’t believe in his message. I’m sure he does (on some level). It’s the delivery of the message that sets him apart.

His story is of a king leading his subjects out of perceived outside victimization. That’s the core message he is selling. “Believe in me first, because I’ll set you free.”

How does this message relate to Donald Trump’s current name?

“Donald Trump” adds up to 12 in the current name system I use.

12 is what I refer as the “Victim Number”. How interesting considering his core message!

The meaning of his current name really explains why Trump’s platform is to identify with “victims” – those who want a bigger wall between the U.S. and Mexico, those who see China as an enemy, and Mexico as a nuisance and danger, those who see women as the weaker sex in order to feel more powerful, etc.

He draws sweeping pictures that touch on victimization vs. freedom.

His “victim” name explains his core root message of needing to secure the border, the issue that took him to the top of the polls.

A victim name is challenging, and I believe it is too difficult a factor to overcome. Despite having a powerful astro-numerology chart (see below), a challenging name is a major hurdle.

Speaking of which….

Donald Trump’s birth Astro-Numerology and forecast is quite revealing – as expected! (Astro-Numerology is SO much fun!)

He is born on the 14th, what I refer to as the “MEDIA Number”.

His Destiny Number, based on his birth certificate name of “Donald John Trump”, is 68. And 68 ALSO adds up to 14 – a double emphasis on MEDIA!

Yes, Mr. Trump IS first and foremost a Media Personality. That’s where his true comfort zone lies.

As for Trump’s astrology birth promise:

The moon at the moment of his birth was in Sagittarius. That means his emotions are FIRED UP and EXPANDED…Everything is and feels huge!

Like Trump Tower, Trump Financial, GoTrump (online travel site), Trump Chocolate, Trump Home, Trump Institute, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks – you get the drift.. For The Donald – the emotional investment in living BIG is a major enterprise.

Donald Trump Astrology Birth Chart

The emotional expansiveness storyline unfolds for Trump in his 4th house – the house of the HOME – of real estate, feng shui, building, construction, architecture, home business.

So he gains emotional security and expansiveness from owning real estate.

Also, the fourth house in astrrology is naturally ruled by the sign of Cancer. Cancer is the sun sign for the U.S…(more on that in a moment.)

His Sun forms a conjunction (is merged with) the break-through planet Uranus… and when Uranus pairs up with the Sun… oh-la-la – and you add that LEO is the Donald’s rising sign?… hold on to your seats.

Because here’s his message from his stars to you:

“Hey I’m different, I’m unique, I’m ahead of my time, and – by the way – I’m a genius. And, yeah, I love shocking you, surprising you, thinking outside-the-box, and, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have no FEAR at all – including being politically incorrect and being right all the time. Because, honestly, I just know what’s right and what’s not. I know, because I can SEE the future…

“And by the way, I believe first and foremost in freedom. And, I couldn’t care less about what you think of me and my version of freedom, or what I stand for. Oh, and just so you don’t forget, I’m a genius.”

Donald Trump 29° Leo Ascendant and Mars

What about his rising sign?

At 29° Trump’s rising sign lies on the powerful FINAL degree in Leo!

Here’s the special thing about 29° Leo:

This degree is the exact place in the heavens where the fixed star of REGULUS resides. Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo.The word Regulus comes from the Latin “rex”, or king.

Regulus symbolizes Royalty.

Just like Leo symbolizes royalty! So Trump has a real issue being seen as right – because in his mind – he IS the king.

And here’s the kicker. (Now we’re getting into Trump’s current stars and forecast): Trump’s progressed Sun is about to cross his Ascendant! That’s MAJOR news.

Every person’s progressed sun moves 1° a YEAR (in the 360° zodiac circle).

Trump’s progressed sun is creating a major moment for him right NOW.

Donald Trump prog sun conjunct ASC

His progressed sun arrived at exactly 29° degrees in Leo on July 21, 2015.

By August 6, 2016, Trump’s progressed Sun will have moved form thirty years in Leo into the next sign – 00° Virgo, where it will remain for his next thirty years.

This change of signs after 30 years from Leo into Virgo just months before the election will make it difficult for him… IF he is the actual Republican candidate, that is.

No matter how you slice or dice it, this moment in time is creating an incredible shift in Donald Trump’s life.

Trump’s celestial code, like yours, is ever spiraling, seeking to fulfill the promise that was put into play at the moment of birth.

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