A wonderful Full Moon in Taurus brings bountiful blessings on November 12.

Taurus rules productivity, self esteem, your values, money, pleasure, security, personal resources and LOVE.

And this full moon creates wonderful connections to Saturn, Pluto and Neptune.

Adding to the positive energy surge:

  • November 12 is activating our 12 Universal Year in 2019 and creating a powerful 12:12 gateway.
  • The Sun is conjunct Mercury retrograde opposite the Moon deepening the search for and communication of truth.
  • Mars is exactly sextile to Jupiter – such a positive impact!

Lots of good fortune, opportunities for success and reinforcement of those goals, situations and people who are really positive influences in your life.

We are also celebrating the final meeting of Saturn sextile Neptune during this lunation – signifying your spiritual gifts being made manifest.

So much good news with this exquisite Full Moon in Taurus.

Make the most of it!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle