My new book “The Ultimate Guide To Numerology” is AVAILABLE NOW!

So exciting!

Open the cover to discover the magic in your birth code, birth name and future cycles – as well as the meaning of daily codes that appear in your life all the time!

These are messages from Source, and now you can decipher them!

(There’s even a section on fortunate and challenging addresses.)

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I love that on the day the book is released we have THREE pivotal astrology events:

  • Uranusretrograding back into Aries

A sure sign we are now finally able to break old habits and look ahead, not back, for inspiration and motivation.

  • Sunin Scorpio TRINE to Neptunein Pisces at 13°

This ties directly into November’s 13 Universal Month number celebrating transformation, empowerment and the Divine Feminine!

Sun trine Neptune in water signs creates a spiritual awakening.

Your understanding and intuition increase exponentially with Neptune.

Love and service come to the forefront.


  • The Lunar NODES change signs today! North Nodemoves into Cancer, the South Node into Capricorn

The North Node's move into Cancer today for the next 18 months is a wonderful invitation to LOVE and nurture – spend more time with family, soul mates and friends and in your home sanctuary!

Capricorn and Cancer also introduce more inward energy, connected to your emotional and practical security.

Integrity and transparency are major keywords moving through all the way through May, 2020…

Such a momentous day celebrating spiritual connection, love, nurturing, transparency and energized forward momentum!

November also enhances the number of healing, abundance and LOVE…

With all this LOVE code energy infusing our hearts right now I want to give you something special to help you navigate the beautiful openings for INTIMACY at this time:

My bonus Masterclass – “Your Love Code”.

This free training is a guide to your personal LOVE Code!

You’ll receive the online masterclass as a “Thank You” gift when you order my brand new book The Ultimate Guide To Numerology!

Imagine if you knew how you are naturally designed to love – and BE loved…

These are secrets I’ve nevertaught before!

(And they're NOT covered in the new book either!)

With Venus still in retrograde(now in its home sign of LIBRA enhancing intimate relationships), Jupiter about to enter its home sign of Sagittarius and the final weeks of our 11 Universal Yearthe stars and numbers are amplifying love, passion, intimacy, happiness and abundance.

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You'll love discovering your SOUL code!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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