Is there such a thing as a ‘Wealth Number'?

Absolutely. And fortunately we have several different options to choose from.

 ‘Wealth Numbers' can be used across the spectrum. For example to set up important events, name your child or company, choose your future home, or check out a person or company you may have a relationship with.

Here's one way Wealth Numbers have helped my clients. To sell their properties with speed and profit.

‘Tania, Your expertise helped me to sell my home very quickly.

‘You changed the date I wanted to put my home on the market to a more suitable date of July 24th, 2008. This turned out to be the best date ever, as my home sold within 3 days after going on the market, and for full asking price! This was a totally unexpected miracle, as everyone around me was saying that it would take longer to sell because of the location and size of the home.

‘Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!'
Klaire F.

First you want your listing price to add up to a Wealth Number. Then I take a look at your birth blueprint and choose the best dates to list the property and hold an open house.

I ALSO make sure these days are good Universal dates. Simple reason. When you're selling you want the universal cycles to help you as well.

Wealth numbers are just as useful when you are BUYING a property.
The date and amount of your offer have a huge affect on the seller's response.

You can see from this one example how intricate and exciting numbers are.

The same wealth attracting principle applies to any event in your life tied to a specific date.

In order to attract a positive outcome, you want to make sure the numbers line up with your current cycles AND your birth blueprint. If necessary, you want the Universal date to fit into this wealth equation as well.

Names are another powerful asset you have. Certain names won't attract prosperity. Others do.

Here are some examples. Companies which have benefited immensely from their names are Hay House, Coca Cola, Disney, Toyota, UPS and Whole Foods.

Celebrities who have attracted prosperity with their names are Maria Shriver, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Suri Cruise, Napoleon, Joe Lieberman, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, John McCain, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Newman and Stevie Wonder.

It's no surprise the word ‘wealth' itself adds up to a ‘Wealth Number' – 15/6.

Did these celebrities and CEOs know they were activating prosperity by using these names. Probably not.

Whether you know about the science of numbers or not – and most people don't – they WILL influence your life.

That's because ‘Numbers are Law.'

Warmest Regards,
Tania Gabrielle

P.S. One of the best ways to get answers to all your questions at once is to talk to me in person. 

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